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Synchronisation License Application


Commercials/Promos (Per Needledrop, Per Spot)
1 State Only, No Major Markets.
Up to 5 States, which may include 1 major market.
More than 5 States, or 2 major markets.
Airing nationally in any country and/or outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Major markets are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit and Nationally in Canada.

Commercial Tags:
Each tag is charged at 50% of the original fee. Tag Packages available.

Broadcast Programs  

All TV*, DVD/Home Video-Future Media (now known or hereafter devised)

All TV*

Cable--Includes Basic, Satellite, and in-context promos.

*All TV includes: Free TV/Basic and Premium Cable, PPV, Satellite, Common Carrier,
Internet and In-Context Promos.


All Theatrical Rights- All media now known or hereafter devised: Theatrical and
Non-Theatrical Exhibition, All TV, DVD/Home-Video, Internet and Promotional
Advertising In-Context.

Film Festival Only

Trailer-Multiple Uses  
All Trailer Rights- Theatrical and Non-Theatrical Exhibition, All TV, Dvd/Home-Video
and Internet.

All TV Rights- All TV, DVD/Home Video and Internet.

DVD/Home-Video Rights.

For Sale : DVD/Home-Video, CD-ROM, Audio Cassette for Sale. Up to 25,000 copies. Needledrop and Blanket (Unlimited Music Use) Rates Available.

Promotional : Includes: tradeshows, sales demos, in-store use and give-aways.
Up to 25,000 copies. Needledrop and Blanket Rates Available.
  • In-house presentation to employee audiences only.
  • Unlimited copies.
  • Includes intranet and closed circuit.
  • Needledrop and Blanket Rates (Unlimited Music Use in Single Production) available

  • Host Site, Steaming Media and Yearly Rates Available.

1) The copyright laws of the United States protect all music represented by 7-Out-Music. Music copied or re-recorded for any purpose without obtaining a written license from Musync is considered copyright infringement. If you are unsure of the type of clearance you require, please call for clarification. Do Not Risk Copyright Violation.
2) All licenses are granted worldwide and in perpetuity unless otherwise stated.
3) Any change or alteration to an existing production requires a new and separate license.
4) All rates are per needledrop, except production blankets.
5) All uses of Musync must be reported within 60 days after synchronization. Failure to do so can result in penalties.
6) No license from Musync includes public performance, unless the license specifically states it and a separate additional fee has been paid.
7) Cut-downs and tags require a separate license.
8) No music use is authorized until the fees are paid in full.

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